Nov. 30, 2020

We Survived The Crossover!!! ( Survivor Series Recap ) Crossover Special Ft. Top Rope Wrestling Talk

Hey what's up listeners , well it says it in the title we survived the crossover well sort of. In today's episode the guys are join by their pals Top Rope Wrestling Talk to get ready for a live stream episode that sort of went of the rails. We had a a lot of connections issues that unfortunately we weren't able to give you a complete episode but here is what we have lined up for you. 


  • Time Stamp :  Undertaker's Farewell - 7:24 
  • Favorite Undertaker Moment - 20:20 
  • Men's Survivor Series Raw vs Smackdown - 35:18
  • New Day vs Streets Profits - 53:17   
  • Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn - 01:22:12 
  • Sasha Banks vs Asuka - 01:29:57
  •  Women's Survivor Series Raw vs Smackdown - 01:44:01

Another Special Shout Out to Top Rope Wrestling Talk 

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