Feb. 17, 2021

Inner Circle No More???!!! (AEW Recap 02.10)

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Hey what's up listeners/viewers we're back with another banger. We still have our partner in crime the South Philly Sycho Dom from TRWT (Top Rope Wrestling Talk). This we breakdown last week AEW Dynamite and take Microscopic look at the AEW Women's Tournament. Here's the line up:


Time Stamps:  

  • Darby vs Joey Janella - 04:34  
  • Sting In Hot Pursuit? - 9:01 
  • Sammy Quits the Inner Circle ? - 21:59
  •  Adam Hangman is a Smart Drunk - 36:40
  •  Leyla Hirsch vs Thunder Rosa - 47:00
  •  Kenny Decides to Golf - 01:13:08 
  • Thoughts on AEW/NJPW Relationship going forward - 01:31:16

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