Oct. 30, 2022

Fast Food & Gourmet ( AEW & WWE Weekly Recap)

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Hey what's up viewers and welcome to a special live episode of the Clark St. Wrestling Podcast. On tonight's live episode Hafeez & Devin cover weekly wrestling topics : ⬇


AEW: ⬇

7:32 MJF Is A Heel No More?

25:21 Swerve In Our Glory Vs The Acclaimed III

35:26 The Women's Division 

48:55 Sports Entertainment / Pro Wrestling Debate 

1:01:37 Where's Wardlow

1:17:41 The Elite



1:31:52 The Judgement Day

1:41:53 Seth Vs Mustafa 

1:50:20 Nikki Cross Returns

1:52:58 "The Wrestling God" Baron Corbin

2:03:46 The Road To Brock vs Bobby

2:09:12 The Road TO Roman vs Logan

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